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Our goal at SINZ is to inspire, educate and connect young people with innovative mindsets, skills, and opportunities to enact positive social change.

Check out what Social Innovation means to us: 

Real Stories About Social Innovation  


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"Story telling has become somewhat of a buzz word these days. Identifying yourself as a storyteller perks ears, grabs attention, raises eyebrows. Storytelling has the power to initiate change. Change in emotion, change in perspective, change in systems and eventually change in society..."



"In 2018, when I went to Cambodia for the first time through a humanitarian aid trip, it was my first time where I felt truly at home. I was connected back to my real culture, but at the same time, I felt so disconnected since I wasn't able to communicate back to the locals in my native language..."



"Having open conversations is vital, this allows a chance for people to think beyond the cultural shackles that keep us blinded...This privilege is a great burden on me, and that's why I want to go back home one day and do something for the girls back home..."


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We have been rather fortunate that out of 200+ clubs, we are the only club to have won three awards, and in a row!

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Received Awards at the Club Awards Night 

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