If you have an innovative idea or are thinking of building your own social venture, SOL*VD is here to support you. Through our different events and programmes, we provide you with the exposure, skills, and connections that can further your venture and social impact.


Q: What is a social venture?

A: [SINZ dictionary] Social venture - noun. An effort created to solve social issues and ignite social changes. E.g. social enterprises, mission-led initiatives, social movements


Q: Is SOL*VD for me?
A: YES! SOL*VD is for anyone who wants to build something or explore an idea to solve a social issue. Whether you’re just starting out and looking for team members, or you’re quite established and need some professional mentorship, we have something that serves your n

Q: How can you help?

A: Through our different offerings, we provide you with exposure, skills and connections that can further your venture and impact.



We connect young social venturers (mentees) with professional mentors from various industries.


As a mentee, you will receive:

  • The mentor’s expertise, resources, and industry-specific knowledge that can help you grow your venture;

  • A platform where discussions and debates about different growth avenues can happen, and your respective needs, queries, and issues can be addressed;

  • Invitation to attend wider SINZ events to further bolster your growth and networks within the social innovation community.


We realise that there isn’t much mentoring support for ventures with a strong social focus, especially for young students. Therefore, we hope to help and be the first point of contact for young social venturers in the University of Auckland and wider central community.