Intro Night 2019

Our Events Director, Shereen Lee, recaps our 2019 Intro Night.

Our inaugural Introductory Evening was held on Tuesday 12th of March at UNLEASH space. We kicked off the night with some speeches from our Presidents - Lei and Reuben, who inspired us to embark on our social innovation journey!

Next, we had the absolute privilege of hearing Sarah from Crushes share her experience about managing a small, ethical business on K Road. Sarah was an engaging speaker who provided valuable insight into the world of ethical consumerism, and how she created a successful business model based around her beliefs.

We then had all SINZ Directors pitch their proposed events for the year - Conference, Competitions, SolVD and Events. Our mission as a club is to inspire, educate & connect young people with Social Innovation. Our vision is positive social outcomes created by empowered & transformed individuals & it is these two statements form the basis of all our offerings.

In 2019, SINZ will keep running towards its vision, supported by an incredibly passionate & dedicated team. They have been working hard towards:

  • an even bolder, bigger & better conference;

  • high school & tertiary competitions that spark innovative solutions;

  • brand new services (including. mentoring, consulting) to help develop social ventures;

  • various events & opportunities to enact social change.

We finished the night with some delicious pizza & networking. Overall, the night was an absolute banger filled with many awesome conversations about social change in our community.

We look forward to helping on your journey of social impact. It is an exciting time to be in this space!

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