Social Innovation New Zealand in collaboration with Public Policy Club, Sustainable Future Collective and Generation Zero


Your Future in Social Impact

Recap of Navigate 2019

Shereen Lee, our 2019 Events Director, recaps the inaugural Navigate: Your Future in Social Impact event.

SINZ hosted ‘Navigate: Your Future in Social Impact’ on the 29th of July. The first of its kind, the event was aimed at creating opportunities to discuss what social impact means to different people. The main purpose was to inspire participants about the innovative ways social change can be implemented. Attended by students from varied disciplines and backgrounds, Navigate fostered relationships across the industries.

We partnered up with other socially minded clubs; Generation Zero, Sustainable Future Collective and Public Policy Club. This allowed us to cover a broad range of topics whilst keeping a focus on social impact. Each club had similar values to SINZ, allowing us to foster relationships across faculties whilst appealing to members from diverse disciplines. 

We were extremely privileged to have a diverse range of external guests. Our externals included Kate Boylan from Tonkin and Taylor, Bruce Kidd from GenZ, Jane Norton from UoA and Sophie Jones from TeachFirst. All of our distinguished guests had experience working towards social impact across different industries. Navigate encouraged participants to rethink how they envision and implement social change.

We wanted to bring a fresh approach to Q+A panels and to challenge the status quo. Our aim was for every participant to feel engaged and immersed in each discussion. To achieve this, we used a unique discussion format. We utilised discussion roundtables, providing participants the opportunity to engage and directly interact with externals. Participants were free to float between tables, exposing them to a wider range of people and experiences. The externals provided invaluable insight into different industries, challenging us to adapt our understanding of social impact to different contexts.

Specifically, participants were prompted to think about localized social impact, using a bottom up approach. The clubs involved with Navigate all provided opportunities to enact social change at a university level. We hope that this event provided a platform for discussion and interaction between faculties and ideas! We hope that Navigate empowered participants with the resources and networks to begin their social impact journey, no matter how big or small.