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Check out what we have offered this semester!

Click on the event to be directed to the Facebook event page for more updates and information.


March 26th

Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t send it off one last time! Come along for a good time of drinks, games and socializing with other uni students. With great food, music (did someone say DJ? ), and FREE entry, what more could you ask for? Bring all your friends and let’s kick the semester off with a bang!

Collide brings you the opportunity to showcase and connect with other socially like-minded people to develop ideas solving some of the world’s most pressing social issues and turn them into social ventures!


You do not need to be a business student or have an entrepreneurial background to provide insight. All you need is a passion to listen to the pitches from groups/individuals and provide feedback and input.


Afterwards, opportunities will be provided for networking with established social enterprises, presenters during the event and representatives from PWC! 


May 12th


As social animals, how do we stay connected during a pandemic so as to reduce our loneliness and high levels of anxiety?

With the SINZ members' votes now counted and verified, we are proud to announce that climate change and isolation & mental wellbeing in a COVID-ridden world was your issue of choice, actioned through a volunteering opportunity.

The team is planning for a debrief of what the volunteering day will look like, and there will also be a short workshop session with guest speakers from chnnl on different perspectives of approaching mental wellbeing.

May 26th

Can’t find a seat at Kate Edger? General Library too full? Well lucky for you, we’ve got a great space for you to study right before exams begin! 

Come join us at Study with SINZ for a fun and productive study environment with helpful tips and a chance to meet others on the same study grind (hint: the Pomodoro method works wonders) 

Pop over to do some last-minute revision, hang out and have a couple snacks! 


July 26th


Sonder Korero is a social impact networking event with young professional career opportunities.


Come join us as we present a guide to ways you can create a positive social impact in your future career and pathways!


In 2021, we have the pleasure of hosting Public Policy Club, Velocity, and Sustainable Future Collective to bring together working professionals from a range of industries. Engage and learn from like-minded individuals and speakers who have a presence in social enterprise, environmental sustainability and the legal/political space. If that’s not enough, we’ll have free food for everyone to enjoy!


The event will be free-flowing, so drop in at any time to join the roundtable, and stick around for awesome networking opportunities with young professionals!

August 14th

Following on from last year’s momentum, this year’s conference is going to be even bigger and even better! We have teamed up with some amazing change-makers, social enterprises and sponsors to bring to you a day filled with inspiring panels and sessions, as well as workshops, and much much more.

The primary focus is on promoting active participation within the social innovation sphere and by inspiring with the best of the best! You will get to explore the future of healthcare and workplaces, address topics such as educational equity and mental health, and interact with numerous speakers, innovators, healthcare workers, and so forth!

There will also be a social innovation showcase where you can engage with innovative enterprises and gain insight into what they are doing to solve social issues, whilst having a delicious lunch provided by our amazing sponsors.

Register Here!




Solveathon is a one-day event held at the University of Auckland where tertiary students work collaboratively in groups with an external organisation to help resolve a REAL problem they are facing based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Students are tasked with the challenge of ideating innovative solutions to these problems and presenting them to representatives of the organisation.


Throughout the day, students are given the opportunity for mentorship, networking and collaborative case-cracking all directed towards resolving some of the most pressing social issues faced today. This year we are innovating the competition to actually make the solutions that the participants ideate a reality!

Register Here!

August 24th - September 28th

The Technology Innovation Competition is a month-long event giving tertiary and secondary students the opportunity to combine their technological savvy and social awareness. Students are given a case brief outlining five emerging and disruptive technologies alongside five prominent social issues. Choosing one technology and one social issue, students then write a two-page ‘pitch’ on how to resolve their chosen social issue using the specific technology.


Finalists from this competition are then given the opportunity to present their solution to a panel of judges to receive feedback on how to increase the feasibility of their idea. This gives students the opportunity to innovate and think of outside-the-box solutions for increasingly important social challenges. 



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