Pitching, Showcase and Networking

Recap of Collide 2019

Earlier in the year, The Social Venture Development (SOL*VD) Team were tasked with creating a launch event for Social Innovation New Zealand’s new arm which was designed to foster and grow young social ventures. Our team had many ideas as to what we would eventually settle on, but we knew we wanted to create a session where our SOL*VD social enterprises would gain valuable feedback regarding their ventures in an open and comfortable setting.

Collide was not only a significant event for our members but also for SINZ as it was the official launch event for the Social Venture Development arm.

Collide was birthed out of the idea to support and incubate the start-ups under our programme and connect people who were interested in supporting ventures with a cause for good. It was designed to be the bridge between those who have an idea they believe will change the world and those who want to support those ideas.

The successful event was facilitated by Joyce Wong from Niesh who helped create an atmosphere that provided significant exchange of ideas between the pitchers and the audience. We formally had four teams share their ideas to a wide range of professionals, students and members of Social Innovation New Zealand who had the passion to share their knowledge but also learn about and gain insight as to how these start-ups will innovate and create change.


Our session was then followed by informal pitches from the audience where people could share any burning passion or idea that they would like to receive feedback on and concluded with an informal networking session where further discussions could be made and connections formed.

The success of Collide is credited to those who made it possible; the SINZ team, our SOL*VD ventures and our externals and facilitators who graciously gave up their time to provide an invaluable opportunity to the young start-ups in our programme.Collide was only the beginning of our relationships with those under the SOL*VD programme and as we followed their journey seeing them grow over this year, it has been an honour to be a part of the ride and see their social ventures eventually come into fruition.