We offer a range of events and opporunities to help you learn more about social innovation, network, and have fun with like-minded people, whether it be students or industry professionals. 


Some of our past events have included: guest speaker nights, an amazing race, and Your Future in Sustainability, an engaging night where you can find out how sustainability is important to our future careers. Check back on our website for more good stuff on social innovation and our Facebook page for upcoming events!


March 12 2020

"Become the change you want to see." We kicked off 2019 to introduce how we're bringing you an amazing year of opportunities to educate and engage you on your journey towards making a positive difference in the world. It was a great evening filled with introductions, guest speakers, and a whole wad of pizza. An awesome start to the 2018 year for SINZ!


March 25 2020

Collide consisted of 2 parts A showcase; where  five amazing teams shared their creative idea that aims to solve a pressing social issue and received feedback and input from the audience. And a connecting session; where we fostered building new connections between the idea-holders and people looking to join their team. This is where the creative ideas and participants technical skills collided!


24 May 2019

At SINZ, we believe in enacting social change for issues we care about. We hosteda buffet breakfast in order to encourage conversation about breast cancer whilst celebrating women on campus! Our aim was to raise awareness of breast cancer as well as collect funds/donations on behalf of the Breast Cancer Foundation. 


28 July 2020

Just as the name suggested, this event was aimed at illustrating how we can achieve social impact beyond university. Through engaging and interacting with industry professionals with the help of our partnering clubs, we showcased the multitude of ways that social impact can be achieved across various sectors.