Our Vision

Connecting students with innovative mindsets, skills and opportunities to enact social change.

Our Values


We are open and honest with our teamates

We work cohesively together towards a common goal

We are hardworking, dedicated & take initiative

Meet our Exec

At SINZ, we're proud to be offering a wide range of competitions and events that engage you in social innovation. Meet the executives who coordinate the teams making it all happen! Also if you need to reach us for enquiries, our contact emails for each role are linked below.

Lei Gu

Laith Saeed

Conference Co-Director 


Annie Huang

Reuben Alfred

Josh Clarke

Conference Co-Director 


Shereen Lee

Daniel Lee

Admin/Finance Director


Renee Martinez

Luke Han

Our Ethos

At Social Innovation New Zealand we are strongly committed to positive social impact through the empowerment of today’s youth as the agents. We recognise that many of today’s rangatahi are aware of and care about the pressing social problems such as climate change, inequality and poverty yet without an idea of how they can contribute to the solutions. Therefore, believing in the power of collective action and the importance of the roles young people play in our community, Social Innovation New Zealand is dedicated to our overarching purpose - accelerating students’ journey of tackling pressing social issues they are passionate about with creative, innovative solutions.

One of the core tenets of Social Innovation New Zealand that we pride ourselves on is our push to combine the passion and values of social impact with the pragmatism and feasibility of the innovations and systems that will allow this impact to be realised. Social innovation is a growing field being embraced by grassroots organisations all the way to large corporates. From social enterprise to to public policy, from technology to activism our mission has been to endeavour to connect students no matter their background to this new paradigm in the hopes that they will go onto create positive social change.  

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Inspiring, educating and connecting people with social innovation in order to create positive social impact.

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