What We Do

Our goal at SINZ is to connect, educate and inspire young people with innovative mindsets, skills, and opportunities to enact positive social change. We aim to achieve this goal through 4 key portfolios and their respective offerings outlined below:

1. Conference

Our flagship Social Innovation Conference for students and professionals serves as the “buffet" where attendees gain a taste of a wide variety of social issues and discussions ranging from Technology, Food, the Private Sector, Inequality to Politics to name a few.

2. Competitions

Our various competitions aim to serve as the “gym" which allows students to practice and develop problem-solving skills through real-world
scenarios of various organisations that feature in different industries and settings.

3. Community Engagement

The Community Engagement portfolio acts as the “bridge" connecting students to real-world experiences and communities outside of lecture theatres and off the university campus.

4. Outreach 

In 2020 we are launching a new online content platform to bring educational and inspirational materials to our audiences’ screens whenever, wherever they are.
Through a dedicated team of content-creators and technicians we aim to connect, educate and inspire our audience to ultimately expand the “outreach” of our impact with flexibility and effectiveness.

Meet our Exec

At SINZ, we're proud to be offering a wide range of competitions and events that engage you in social innovation. Meet the executives who coordinate the teams making it all happen! Also if you need to reach us for enquiries, our contact emails for each role are linked below.

Jasleen Oberoi

Josh Clarke

Devin Fernando

Admin/Finance Director


Izilah Mohammed

Conference Co-Director 


Ashmita Mirakaj

Conference Co-Director 


Jenna da Cruz

Helen Meng

Marketing Co-Director


Liona Sadler

Marketing Co-Director


Jun Kim

Community Engagement Director




SDG Solveathon

Tech Innovation Competition

2018 Hackathon


Summer with SINZ


Member's Choice Event



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Inspiring, educating and connecting people with social innovation to create a positive social impact.

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