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Inspire and educate young people with innovative mindsets, skills and opportunities to enact positive social change and impact.

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Core Value #2: Educate 

Education is the bread and butter of a healthy society. It is what has allowed the world to change and develop into the modern society that it is today. It is crucial that we never stop educating ourselves. Our events such as Re: Connect and online outreach programmes like the Podcasts and Instagram (@humansofsinz), aim to provide correct information about a diverse range of social issues that otherwise do not get the exposure they deserve.

Core Value #1: Inspire (Whakaaweawe)

In our increasingly busy world, it is hard to feel inspired enough to care about an issue and want to make a difference. We understand this and want to change it! There are so many inspirational people around us who have so much to offer but the first step is getting that exposure, which is where we come in. Primarily, we do this through our annual Conference. The Conference serves as a “buffet” of social issues where we feature New Zealanders of the Years (NZ), MPs, company CEOs, social enterprises etc., all in the hopes of getting our attendees inspired! 

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Core Value #3: Connect 

It is important that we don’t just talk the talk but actually create change. Our competitions aim to do just that! With Solveathon, which is a competition where we partner with externals to deliver a case competition revolving around a UN Sustainable Development Goal, the winning team in each round gets the opportunity to implement their idea. We also have volunteering opportunities through Garden to Table as well as our own initiative of monthly beach cleanups to really make sure creating as much impact as we can while connecting our community together! 

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